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Hutchinson Family History

Welcome to the Hutchinson Family History blog.  This is the history of the Hutchinson Family which originated in the Egton area of North Yorkshire.

The origins of the family are hidden in the past and obscured by the unlawfulness of their Catholic faith.

The earliest reference I can find to Catholic Hutchinsons in the area is the Egton Recusant list of 1674.  On that list there is a Robert Hutchinson and his wife Barbara.  A daughter Barbara was baptized at the Egton Parish (Anglican) Church on August 14, 1681.  I have found other children baptized at Lyth Parish (Anglican) Church with Robert as a father but I am not sure if it is this family or not.

The next reference is the Egton Recusant list of 1735 which lists an Elizabeth Hutchinson, widow, and sons John and Henry.

Henry is listed again in the Egton Recusant list of 1745. On June 24, 1753 Johnathan Robinson, the local vicar, wrote to the Bishop reporting on local Catholics, making particular mention of Henry.  He wrote "Henry Hutchinson, papist, married a Prot. wife who never since appeared at church.  They have 2 chn."

I think I have found this Henry Hutchinson on the 1767 Recusant list for Egton.  There are no names - only initials - but I can see a HH, age 53 years old (so born 1714), labourer, resident in the township for 53 years and "R" his wife age 50 years old (so born 1717), resident in the township for 50 years.  There are no children with them.

The next reference is the Egton Recusant list of 1780.  Here Henry and wife Rebecca are listed with no children or servants.  On the same list is recorded John and Ann Hutchinson with 3 children, and John and Margaret Hutchinson with 3 children.  Henry Hutchinson died and was buried at Egton on September 3, 1782.  There is no will for him.  Rebecca Hutchinson died and was buried at Egton on May 3, 1792 noted as "poor" in the Egton parish records.

Is one of these John Hutchinsons the son of Henry and Rebecca?  Is the other John descended from John Hutchinson (brother of Henry) listed on the Egton Recusant list of 1735?

John and Margaret Hutchinson are my great great great great grandparents.

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